Monday, March 21, 2016

1999 - Fantastic Four - Mia Hamm

From the pages of Marvel Comics - Fantastic Four vol3 #24 December 1999
Valeria Richards (the younger sister of Franklin who traveled through time and is now older than her older brother and Franklin - comicbook logic) and Franklin relaxing by playing soccer.
I like the text "I learned these moves from Mia Hamm herself....before she coached the Gold-Medal winning U.S. Olympic Soccer Team!
- written by Chris Claremont art by Salvador Larroca -

Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016 - NYCFC

2016.03.13 Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY
Home Opener, 30,315 attendance

NYCFC and Toronto drew 2-2 in a good game that almost got away from NYCFC, when MLS MVP Sebastian Giovinco fired a shot in the final minutes of the game that Josh Saunders pounced on to keep the game tied at 2-2.

David Villa earned Man of the Match honors for his 2-goal effort, scoring on a penalty kick in the 24 min and again at 28 mins.
Toronto put on pressure with a goal from Damien Perquis at 45+2. Giovinco netted the game tying goal at 76 mins

We got a break on the tickets, since Mike knows someone who works for NYCFC, however my options were a mobile ticket or to print my own...some days I hate technology... the above generic paper printed ticket was what we used to enter the game..

The bottom ticket is someone's discard..which I will keep with my collection..

For a home opener the event offered nothing more than a good game, good crowd and a great atmosphere. I am not  totally happy watching a match in the spacious Yankee Stadium, but the crowd backing the NYCFC is passionate, which helps...