Saturday, April 30, 2011

David Beckham - Royal Wedding

I have read several articles saying David Beckham is not good for the MLS because he went to the Royal wedding this weekend. I have nothing against Beckham, my son thinks very little of him. I understand why he went to Italy leaving the LA Galaxy, I understand he probably views the MLS as a means to get back to form and make the English National Team.

Should he get the weekend off to attend the Royal Wedding. I think yes. When you are close friends with the Royal family and get invited to the biggest event of the year, it is difficult to say no. We have seen many players bypass the birth of a child, a funeral or a family wedding for the sack of the game. But a Royal wedding is different, it is a major affair and as an Englishman David Beckham is not in a position to say no. Sometimes the game has to be put aside.

A lot of writers have written that the Galaxy did better without him when he went to Italy, so let him go to the wedding, the Galaxy will do just fine. The first place Galaxy face the fifth place Dallas team. They will not miss him...

P.S. FC Dallas defeated the Galaxy 2-1....

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