Friday, August 12, 2011

2004 - MetroStars Autographs

Fabian Taylor
Harbour View (Jamaica  1999-2008, 2011)
MetroStars (MLS 2004)
Notodden FK (Norway 2008-2010)

Jamaican National Team (2000-2007)

Seth Stammler
MetroStars (MLS 2004-2005)
New York Red Bulls (MLS 2006-2010)

2004.04.17 Giants Stadium - Fabian Taylor

2004.05.24 Montclair, NJ Seth Stammler appeared as a guest at the Montclair Soccer Club tournament. Stammler sat at a table under a canopy in the middle of the park by himself. Our team was set up nearby and the boys spent most of their down time hanging out by Stammler, who was very gracious to their requests. One boy had both shoes, shingaurds, jersey (everything he had with him) signed....

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