Thursday, August 4, 2011

2006 - NY Cosmos autographs

Giorgio Chinaglia
Italian National Team (1972-1974)
1974 World Cup
Massese - Serie A (Italy)
Internapoli - Serie A (Italy)
Lazio - Serie A (Italy)
NY Cosmos - NASL (US)
193 goals, 213 games
4-time leading scorer
NASL Champions 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982
US Soccer Hall of Fame 2000

Julio Cesar "Romerito" romero
Paraguayan National Team (1979-1986)
Sportivo LuQueno (Paraguay 1977-1980)
NY Cosmos NASL (US 1980-1983)
NASL Champions 1982
MVP, Leading Scorer 1983
Fluminense (Brazil 1984-1989)
Barcelona (Spain 1989)
Puebla (Mexico 1989)
Olympia (Paraguay 1989)

Carlos Alberto Torres
Brazilian National Team (1964-1977)
1970 World Cup Champions
Fluminense (Brazil 1963-1965, 1974-1976)
Campeonato Carioca Champions 1974, 1975
Santos (Brazil 1966-1974)
Flamengo (brazil 1977)
NY Cosmos - NASL (US 1977-1980, 1982)
NASL Champions 1977, 1978, 1982
California Surf - NASL (US 1981)
2003 US Hall of Fame

Hubert Birkenmeier
NY Cosmos 1979-1984
NASL Champions 1980, 1982

Andranik Eskandarian
Iranian National Team (1975-1978)
1978 World Cup
NY Cosmos - NASL (US 1979-1984)
NASL Champions 1980, 1982
NY Cosmos - NASL indoor (US 1984-1985)
NY Express - MISL (US 1986-1987)
NJ Eagles -APSL (US1989-1990)

2006 saw the introduction of the NY Red Bull...Prior to the start of the game, Red Bull management brought out former New York area players...

Before this I had seen a man in the parking lot, long overcoat, hands in pocket, head hung low, just walking alone...I did a double looked like was.
We approached and he was gracious in signing the book. Following him a bus had pulled in and several Cosmos players started leaving the bus and heading for the stadium, and we were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time...

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