Thursday, February 9, 2012

David Beckham - Youth game red card

Feb 2012...David Beckham was ejected from a youth game in Los Angeles.. Before his son Romeo's game Beckham was watching a U-8 game. During the game the referee awarded a penalty kick to one of the teams. Beckham called out to the ref "Come on, he's 7 years old, you can't send him off". The referee turn to Beckham and said "Yes I can" and proceeded to give Beckham a red card sending him off the field.
Beckham left the field for the remainder of the game and returned to watch his son play...

Having been to many youth games of various skill levels, as a parent and fan I agree with Beckham. At 7 years old the player should be taught the game. Explain what the infraction was and warn the player not to do it again. Too often the referee's take the fun out of a kids game taking the focus of the game onto themselves. In the US parents and fans can barely look at a ref let alone say something out loud!

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