Saturday, January 22, 2011

1980 Olympic Soccer FDC

Homer Screws
Tacoma Stars (MISL) 1987-1989, Atlanta Attack (AISA) 1990, Portland Timber (APSL)
Head Coach, Women's Soccer Coe College - his mission to develop a winning, positive culture of soccer of which current, past and future players can be proud..

Hernan "Chico" Borja
NY Cosmos (NASL) 1981-1982,1984, Team America (NASL) 1983, Las Vegas Americans (MISL) 1984-1985, Wichita Wings (MISL) 1985-1987, 1988-1992, Los Angeles Lazer (MISL) 1987-1988
US National Team 1982-1988
1984 Olympics
1992 US Futsal Team - World Champions

Hector Marinaro
Cleveland Force (MISL) 1983-1984, Minnesota Strikers (MISL) 1986-1988, Toronto Blizzard (NASL) 1987-1988, (NSL) 1993, Los Angeles Lazer (MISL) 1988-1989, Cleveland Crunch (MISL-NPSL) 1989-2002, Cleveland Force (MISL II) 2002-2004
Canadian National Team 1986-1995


John Smith (NE Patriots-NFL)
Alan Mayer
SD Sockers (NASL) 1978-1979, Pittsburgh Spirit (MISL) 1979-1980, California Surf (NASL) 1980-1981, NJ Rockets (MISL) 1980-1982, SD Sockers (MISL) 1982-1983, Las Vegas Americans (MISL) 1984-1985, KC Comets (MISL) 1985-1992
US National Team 1976-1977

Hubert Birkenmeier
Freiberger FC (Bundesliga) 1970-72, 1977-1979, Tennis Borussia Berlin (Bundesliga) 1972-1977, NY Cosmos (NASL) 1979-1985, NY Cosmos (NASL-MISL) 1981-1985, Chicago Sting (MISL) 1985-1986, NY Express (MISL) 1986-1987, LA Lazer (MISL) 1987

Hand painted first day cover for the 1980 Olympics

1979 the US Postal Service issued a series of stamps in commemoration of the upcoming 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. due to the inability of the USPS and the ICO to come to a licensing agreement none of the US stamps were allowed to show the Olympic rings. Therefore the USPS replaced the rings with 5 stars in each design.

In response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the United States and 64 other countries boycotted the games. In soccer Czechoslovakia defeated the German Democratic Republic 1:0 for the gold medal. Cuba replaced the United States in the tournament. The 1980 US Olympic soccer team included Ricky Davis, Perry Van Der Beck, Don Ebert and Ty Keough, coached by Walter Chyzowych...

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