Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2006 - Red Bull NY - Jozy Altidore

2006.09.16 Red Bull NY v Columbus Crew, Giants Stadium...

For 82 minutes, the story of the Eastern Conference survival game between the Red Bull and Crew was referee Baldomero Toledo, who sent off three players and awarded a second-half penalty kick to the Red Bull.

All that changed with one swift strike of a 16-year-old's right foot as Jozy Altidore all but saved the Red Bull season with a 30-yard blast past Crew keeper Bill Gaudette for his first MLS goal.

Before that referee Toledo sent off Joseph Ngwenya for a high kick to Seth Stammler's side in the 20th minute. then it was Red Bull Mike Magee who was red-carded in the 63rd minute for a left-handed punch to Kei Kamara, just two minutes after both players entered the game. The Crew's Marcos Gonzalez received a red-card in then 71st minute for a right-elbow that bloodied John Wolyniec, which would bring in Altidore as his replacement...

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