Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MISL Pacific Trading Cards



Pacific trading cards started producing Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) cards for the 1987-88 season, with a 110 card set, featuring Tatu, Hector Marinaro, Chico Borja, Steve Zungul, Preki, Ricky Davis, Brian Quinn, Fernando Clavijo, Hugo Perez, Alan Mayer, Jan Goossens and Ray Hudson...

1988-89 again offered 110 cards featuring Steve Zungul, Fernando Clavijo, Brian Quinn, Preki, Alan Mayer, Chico Borja, Hector Marinaro and Beto...

1989-90 was another 110 card offering featuring Tatu, Steve Zungul, Fernando Clavijo, Preki, Chico Borja, Beto, Victor Nogueira...

1990-91 saw the series increase to 220 cards featuring Brian Quinn, Steve Zungul, Chico Borja, Preki, Tatu, Fernando Clavijo, Team Cards, Stadium cards and All-star cards...

1991-92 the set dropped to 160 cards, featuring a San Diego Sockers Chamnpions card, All-stars, Victor Nogueira MVP, Brian Quinn, Preki, Chico Borja, Kenny Cooper (Sr), Beto, Tatu, Hector Marinaro,

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