Thursday, June 2, 2011

NJYSA - Metrostars

Issued around 2003 by the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association, this 8-card set features New Jersey born players who have worn the MetroStars jersey...
The cards measure 6x4 with a full photo of the player on the front and a small portrait on the back...
The players name appears next to the NJYSA logo along with position, height, weight, date of birth and hometown..

The back of the card repeats the stats from the front along with a small player bio...

The first card of the series features the NJYSA logo, the back provides the following information:
New Jersey Youth Soccer is the National State Association that represents youth soccer in the State of New Jersey. NJYSA has over 165,000 players and 30,000 coaches and administrators affiliated with the well as listing the various NJYSA Leagues throughout the state...

2. Tony Meola
3. Tab Ramos
4. Richie Williams
5. Jeff Moore
6. Billy Walsh
7. Eddie Gaven
8. Tim Howard

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