Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pele - bicycle kick

Pele's iconic bicycle kick in Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
The 2006 documentary and companion book "Once in a Lifetime" about the Cosmos soccer club featured the Pele bicycle kick under the heading "Goals, Greed, Girls". Telling the story of the NY Cosmos, founded in 1971 and dissolved in 1985, and how they brought soccer to the USA through the heroics of it's international stars, Pele, Giorgio Chingalia, Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto.  although his silhouette is on the poster, Pele declined to be interviewed for the documentary.
Pearl Jam 20th Anniversary poster - for the Pearl Jam Twenty Tour (PJ20). Pearl Jam played in Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil in November 2011.  Ames Bros. utilized the Pele kick as the focus of the pearl Jam poster. The poster also was available in a gold print variation.
Pele reproduced his famous kick in the movie Escape to Victory (Victory in North America), the story of an Allied prisoner of war soccer team playing against an elite German team in a German propaganda stunt. The Allied team would consist of Pele, Bobby Moore, Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, Osvaldo Ardiles, Kazimierz Deyna, Paul Van Himst, Mike Summerbee, John Wark, Hallvar Thoresen, along with several members of the Ipswich Town F.C.

Werner Roth portrayed the German team Captain and Max von Sydow the prison commandant. The movie was based on the 1962 Hungarian movie "Two Half Times in Hell" directed by Zoltan Fabri

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