Friday, March 11, 2011

2001 - Metrostars

Clint Mathis with my boys, nieces, nephews and friends in the tunnels of Giants Stadium.
Michael had his 7th birthday party at Giants Stadium for a Metrostars game. Usually before each Metrostars game, the Giants/Jets/Metrostars practice bubble was set up with soccer games, skills challenges, human fusball, 3v3 games for the kids to participate in before the game. When we set up the birthday party we were told arrive early and have the kids go to the bubble for the pre-game activities. When we arrived, the bubble was closed. football season was underway and the Giants and Jets had priority, even though they were not using it. After much complaming on my part one of the Metrostars staff offered to take our party onto the pitch to check out the stadium from the sidelines, we could not go on the pitch.

After a few minutes we were escorted into the tunnels under the stadium where the players locker rooms were located. Not knowing what to do with our small party of soccer refugees, we were advised to hang out and wait as the players would soon be arriving. As the players slowly filtered in they greeted the kids. clint Mathis kindly agreed to have his picture taken with this little band of kids. AS they Chicago Fire team bus arrived, the kids lined up to get high-fives from the players as they left their bus.

A bad experience turn out to have some pleasant events, which my boys won't forget.

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