Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeff Cassar - Miami Fusion

Jeff Cassar, goalkeeper, played in the MLS for the Dallas Burn 1996-97, Miami Fusion 1998-2001, FC Dallas 2003-2006. He was with the Bolton Wanderers of the English Premier League as the backup keeper during the 2002 season, although he did not appear in any games.

The card is printed on grey card stock, similar to the 1050s style baseball cards. The back features career information, fun facts: Most memorable soccer moment was playing in the U-20 World Cup. and Naya (water) Quick Facts. The card is credited to Chris Martin Cards.

The Miami Fusion were part of the MLS from 1998-2001. the team was contracted following the 2001 season along with the Tampa Bay Mutiny, when the league reduced from 12 teams to 10...2000 Miami was the runner-up in the US Open cup, 2001 Eastern League Conference Champions...

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