Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2004 - Metrostars - Unity wristband

Prior to the 2004 playoffs, the Metrostars distributed a Metrostars Playoff Fever Unity wristband, on a promotional card with information on how to order playoff tickets...and say "I've Got MPF" (their playoff slogan)..

The back of the card provides the following:
During the 2004 playoffs, the Metrostars will be wearing these unity bands as a way to come together. The Metrostars players selected "Unity" as a symbol of their team commitment in their quest for the MLS Cup. The Metrostars would like to encourage you to become part of the team by wearing this Unity Band to show your support for the "Red and Black" during the postseason.
U'ni`ty: n.1. The state of being one; oneness.

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