Monday, March 21, 2011

2005 - Metrostars Katrina Relief

2005.09.03 MetroStars v KC Wizards, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

While waiting for Tim Ward's Orange MetroStars Jersey to be brought out, several of the Wizard players were leaving the locker room to head to the team bus. Our hostess was doing her best to keep us in line and to keep the walkway clear, however I am not one to pass up an opportunity. I jumped out of line and asked Will Hesmer, Wizards to sign my game program. Our hostess said he can't do that, to which he asked why not, and signed. At this the whole line fell apart and started approaching anyone who was passing us on the way out. The program would also be signed by Nick Garcia, and Shavar Thomas of the Wizards and Ante Razov of the Metrostars, before Tim Ward came out of the locker room to present Mike with his jersey.

In hind site I felt sorry for the young lady trying to do her job, but when the MetroStar players came out to hand their jerseys to the fans it was all over anyway...

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