Saturday, February 19, 2011

1996 Olympic - Half Dollar

The 1996 Olympic Soccer half dollar coin was one of four different commemorative half dollar coins issued for the Atlanta Olympic summer games.

The obverse of the coin was designed by Clint Hansen and features two women playing soccer, while the reverse design features the Olympic flame and logo of the Atlanta games.

Although authorized to mint 3,000,000 coins, only 165,000 coins were sold in the proof and uncirculated versions. The large number of coins produced by the US for the Olympics discouraged collectors. The lower sales figures worked in favor of those collectors who purchased the coins, as they carry higher premiums on the collectors market.

Other coins issued by the US Mint for the 1996 Olympic Games in 1996 were the: Olympic Cauldron five-dollar gold, Olympic flag bearer five-dollar gold, Olympic high jump silver dollar, Olympic rowing silver dollar, Paralympics wheelchair silver dollar, Olympic tennis silver dollar, Olympic swimming silver half dollar.

In 1995 the US mint had also issued the: Olympic stadium five dollar gold, Olympic torch runner five dollar gold, Olympic cycling silver dollar, Olympic track and field silver dollar, Paralympics blind runner silver dollar, Olympic gymnast silver dollar, Olympic baseball half dollar, and the Olympic basketball half dollar.

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