Sunday, February 13, 2011

World Cup USA94 - Commemorative Covers

International Media Headquarters, Arlington, Va

Greenwich, Ct.

Game day cancel, Silverdome Pontiac, Mi...June 18 US v Switzerland; June 22 Romania v Switzerland; June 24 Sweden v Russia; June 28 Brazil v Sweden

Game day cancel, Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ...June 18 Italy v Ireland; June 23 Italy v Norway; June 25 Saudi Arabia v Morocco; June 28 Ireland v Norway; July 5 round of 16 Bulgaria v Mexico; July 10 Quarter Final Bulgaria v Germany; July 13 Semi Final Italy v Bulgaria..

Commemorative cancel Rochester, Mi June 25, 1994

Commemorative cancel - Yorktown Heights, NY June 7, 1994

Game day cancel..Dallas, Tx..Jun 30 Argentina v Bulgaria

Commemorative cancel...Boston, Ma June 19, 1994

These are the cancels in my collection, although I sent out to many locations during the World Cup, some of the covers sent out did not return..lost in the I am sure this a only a portion of what may have been available at the time.

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